Black Belt Baby

Czech Republic – Since high school Sean has been studying karate. When he was in college he received his first blackbelt in North Carolina. In D.C . he was able to find a dojo and picked up his training again. When we moved to Germany Sean was one test away from receiving his second blackbelt. His sensei allowed Sean to keep training on his own and had him test during a group trip in Prague in July. He trained very intensely for months beforehand and when test day came around he absolutely KILLED IT!!! Lets just say, you may not want to meet him in a dark alley 🙂

Here are a few photos from his trip.


The crew from all around the world all meeting in Prague to train






Sean’s Sensei is on the left



The team from the Maryland dojo

Hey, What color is that belt? 
Sticks! I am sure there is an actual name for these weapons but sticks to me!





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