Company in Germany!

Garmisch, Germany – In July my good friend came for a visit for a little over a week and we covered some serious ground while she was here. When I lived in D.C. I made it a point to take visitors to at least one place that was new to me during their stay. I am taking this same approach when it comes to visitors in Germany. When Caroline was here we saw some staples such as Heidelberg Castle, took the Frankfurt on Foot tour and went wine tasting. However,  toward the end of her stay we took a road trip down to Southern Germany to a resort town, Garmisch. Garmisch is popular in the winter for its amazing ski slopes and is home to the tallest mountain in Germany, Zugspitze.

After spending two amazing days hiking, enjoying the fresh air and eating and drinking bavarian food and beer we headed back to Frankfurt but on our stopped to check out a few castles along the way. The Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle. These two castles are a stones throw away from one another and the Neuschwanstein Castle was Walt Disney’s inspiration for the Magic Kingdom Castle. It was an wonderful trip and we have the pictures to prove it!



First night, welcome martinis!






First Autobahn drive! But in traffic 😦




On the way to the top of Zugspitze. View from the cable car.




A much deserved beer on the top of Germany


Train to down the Zugspitze



Castle hunting



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