Our First Road Trip

Tongeren, Belgium – May was a great month to live in Germany. I say this not because of the weather or festivals but because of the holidays. May has 3 German holidays and one US holiday so basically Sean didn’t have a full work week the entire month. The Thursday before memorial day weekend was a holiday so Sean was able to take Friday off and we made it a five day weekend!

We were lucky that this long weekend also corresponded with getting the registration completed on the car we bought when we first arrived. We decided to take full advantage of this so we packed our bags, grabbed a friend and headed to Belgium. We drove 3.5 hours to  a small town called Tongeren right across the German boarder. It is a very small town said to be the oldest town in Belgium and is known for a large antique market held there every Sunday.


Our beauty, Olga Der Beschutzer (the protector)



After we finished visiting the antique market and walking around Tongeren we took a drive an hour south east to Dinant, a medieval walled city that claims to be where the saxophone was invented.

It was a little rainy and overcast that day but it didn’t stop us from enjoying lunch along the River Meuse, touring the Collegiate Church of Notre Dame de Dinant  and visiting the Citadel of Dinant.


To enter the city we drove through the two rocks you see above.


Collegiate Church of Notre Dame de Dinant


Dinant is where the Saxophone was invented. All around town you will see nods to this. Especially along the main bridge there are saxophones decorated for different countries.


Cable car ride to the citadel


View from the Citadel


Court house in Dinant

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