Rhine River Cruise

ASSMANNSHOUSEN, GERMANY- Go ahead, take a minute the name is funny. We certainly giggled like little kids we we arrived in this town and read its name (which is written on the side of a mountain hehehe). Assmannshousen in a small town where we began our Rhine River cruise. This section of the Rhine River has been recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site because of the number castles that line each of of the river. The entire UENSCO route is 65km which we only did a fraction of on this trip. ( so expect another blog in the future).

The day started out in Frankfurt where we boarded a bus to head out to Assmannshousen (still funny). From here we took a cable car which gave us a wonderful view of the Rhine River and the vineyards below. We then boarded a boat and head down the river. The castles were everywhere and I kept thinking, if I owned a castle I don’t think I would want another one next to me. I mentioned this to my Germany tutor and she responded “typical American” which made me laugh. Anyway, we finished the day with a wine tasting and a drive back to Frankfurt.

Hope you enjoy the photos!


Told you, sign on mountain


Cable Car


Rollercoaster cable car!


A few months back we watched a youtube video about the “Instagram husband” and have been making fun of it ever since. In this photo, Sean became an “Instagram husband” someone save him.


View from the cable car first castle spotting!


Cruise time!


Our Crew



I made it clear in our group that this one was mine





Wine Tasting


Thanks for reading!


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