The Dead Sea

Ein Gedi,  Israel – When Sean mentioned to one of his coworkers at the embassy that we wanted to see the Dead Sea he offered to take us one a hike. We both though this would be an amazing way to explore the area around the Dead Sea so we jumped at the chance.

At 6:00 am on Saturday morning we hopped in a car and headed off to Ein Gedi to start our hike at 8:00am. The weather report said it was going to be 90 degrees that day so we lathered ourselves in sunscreen and loaded our bags with water and started our trek.

The 8.5 mile hike took us about 4 hours and the sites along the way were unbelievable. The hike was difficult and  by the end the temperatures reached  105 F. By the end, we both suffered a bit from heat exhaustion/stroke but even so it was worth it. Once we finished the hike we headed down to area a public beach where we swam floated in the Dead Sea.

A few photos 🙂


View of the Dead Sea and Jordan




Before the hike with Jeff a co-work of Sean’s


Hiking around the Dead Sea, YES Please!!


The beginning of the hike is lush, there are waterfalls and swimming areas. Next time, I will pack my bathing suite and go for a swim after.


Good thing we packed 6 liters of water


Just hiking about


Collapsed caves


Any time there was shade (which was not often) we took advantage


Views along the trail


View along the trail, we will hike down to the green area at the bottom


View along the trail


View from the trail


View from the trail with the Dead Sean in the distance


View from the trail


Conquering the mountain


We did it!


Obligatory selfie!


Before we went to far up the hill we found a stream and dunked our borrowed Hilton hotel towels. This made all the difference.


Just perfect


The decent was the hardest part we had to crawl and climb our way down


Heading straight down the mountain



Mountain, Check.


By the time we made it to the bottom of the mountain I was dealing with some serious heat stroke but was determined to swim in the Dead Sea. We drove to a public beach and went for a dip. The water was warm and smelt strongly of sulfur. There were many people there who were swimming in the Sea to heal aliments and others just enjoying the water.

We were warned not to shave for 3 or more days before because any open wound or shaving will burn when entering the Sea that is 29% salt (oceans have 4%). We ran in and spent a lovely afternoon.


Just floating


On the way to the beach, we passed by Masada but did not go up to the village. This just goes to show that even though we did so much in Israel there is so much more to experience. We will defiantly be back.

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