The Whiskey Fair

LIMBURG, GERMANY – As many of you may know, Sean loves whiskey. So when we saw an advertisement for The Whiskey Fair we had to go.

We woke up early in the morning and bought our Hessen ticket a train ticket that will let groups of up to 5 people travel anywhere in the German state of Hessen for a cheap price. I recommend looking into this ticket if you are here. We spent 5X the price on train tickets before we heard about this.

Okay, back to whiskey. We arrive in the town of Limburg a small town 32 miles northwest of Frankfurt and found our way to the exhibition hall. When the doors opened the sweet smells of whisky came wafting out into the brisk air; basically, Sean found heaven.

We each received a small tasting glass and started our day of tasting whiskeys from Japan, India, Taiwan, Korea, Germany and many more. Sean made friends with distillers, artists and drinkers.

Here are a few pictures from the day.


Whiskey for all!


Kavalan a Taiwanese Whiskey aged in ex Pedro Ximenez.


Sean’s go to beverage.


Sean’s new best friend! Please notice the glass holder. A much needed accessory.


Sean excited to drink the first bottle of Jack Daniel’s imported to Italy in the 1960s.



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