Nacht der Museen (Night of the Museum)

FRANKFURT, GERMANY – On Saturday night around 40 museums and culture sites in Frankfurt, Offenbach and Höchst opened their doors until 2:00am for Nacht der Museen. Being new to Frankfurt this was a great way to get a feeling for what Frankfurt has to offer and boy, is it a ton!


Old Town Frankfurt buzzing with excitement


Our first stop of the night was to the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt  which is a huge museum in the center of town. I have wanted to go here since we first arrived because of the current  Joan Miro exhibit. In addition to the Miro exhibit the museum had another exhibit call ICH which explored the idea of the self portrait that features many artists.


After this we took a boat ride across the Main River to catch a bus that took us to Höchst Old Town, Frankfurt’s Oldest district to go to Höchst Castle, the former residence of the archbishop of Mainz which was built between the 13th and 16th centuries.


View of Frankfurt from the Main River

Later, we toured this castle we walked up the road to St Justin’s Church which is the oldest building in Frankfurt and is one of the oldest churches in all of Germany. St. Justin’s Church was originally built in 830 but additions were built during the gothic period, around 1440. Here we stumbled upon a high school choir sining latin chants to pop songs in German and English.


Inside St. Justin’s Church


We left  Höchst and took the bus back into Frankfurt and hit up our last museum of the night, the Communications Museum. Here we drank bubbly and danced to an 80’s cover band until close to 2:00am.


All in all a great night of the museums! Can’t wait for next year.


Sean had a great night!





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