Stuttgart Spring Festival

STUTTGART, GERMANY –  Stuttgart Spring Festival is the largest spring festival in Germany and the second largest beer festival, second to Oktoberfest. It was started in 1818 by King Wilhelm I. The festival is located on 4.2 acres of Stuttgart and is basically a giant county fair. There are stalls and stalls of games, german food and carnival rides. In addition to the many stalls there are beer tents which, I must admit, is where we spent most of our time.

We arrived early in the morning and among all the local Germans attending the festival we stuck out like sour thumbs. The men were dressed in lederhosen and the women wore the traditional dress called the dirndl. Meanwhile we were dressed in jeans and t-shirts- we know better now.

We entered a giant tent that held 5,000 people and was sold out that day. There was a live band playing pop music in both German and English. Every third song they would lead the crowd in German Drinking songs (please click on this link and let it play while you read the rest of this blog. Trust me, you will thank me). By the end of the day (several beers in) we suddenly became fluent in German.

We drank beer out of 1 liter beer steins that weigh 2lbs when they are empty and stood on the benches of the tables while dancing and toasting everyone around us! So, I really the whole day was just a very intense workout.

Here are some photos from the day.


Half way through the day we were each served a half chicken. This was the best chicken I have ever eaten! Clearly, Sean enjoyed it too.


Flavia, the strongest human alive!!!


Okay, so we stuck out but we didn’t look THIS American.


Hmm…those steins look empty




Always making friends




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