Daily German Lessons

FRANKFURT, GERMANY – Today day marks two weeks of living in Germany. During this time I have picked up a little German but still have a long way to go. I have decided to keep a running list of the words I have learned and why I have learned them. This post is mostly my studying purposes so thank you for indulging me.

March 23, 2016: Living in Germany while knowing no German

Do you speak English: sprichst du English

March 25, 2016: Resturant-ing  in Germany

One beer please: Ein Bier bitte

Another beer please: Noch ein Bier bitte

Thank you very much: Danke schoen, but this one I knew

April 1, 2016: Laundry in Germany

Insert picture

April 5, 2016: Baking in Germany

Baking Soda: This was a challenge but I found “Kaiser-Natron” to work fine.

Baking Powder: Backpulver

Yeast: Hefe

Sugar: Zucker

Flour: Mehl




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