Foregin Service Timeline

WASHINGTON, D.C. -When Sean and I were going through the process and experiencing the long stretches of silence from State we found it helpful to read other blogs and learn that the silence wasn’t personal, it is just part of the deal. We have outlined our timeline below, I say our timeline because I included our wedding and my medical clearance times. The picture above is Sean calling his parents right after he found out. He is still looking at the email.

November 2013: Sean applied to the IMTS position

April 2014: Sean received an email inviting him to schedule an oral exam

June 2014: Sean took the took the oral exam and received his score that day

June 2014: Sean completed all necessary paperwork to start his medical and security clearances

August 2014: Medical Clearance completed

September 2014: Security clearance completed

September DAY 2015: Sean and I went to see Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation. We came home to find an email from Wanda! Accepted, Pop the champagne!

September  21, 2015: 139th Specialist Class begins training

October 2, 2015 : Bid list issued

October 7, 2015: Flag day. Frankfurt March 2016!

October 9, 2015: Sean’s swear in to the Foreign Service

October 10, 2015: Married (it was a big weekend)

October 15, 2015: Submitted paperwork include marriage licences to get me on Sean’s orders

October 26, 2015: I started my medical clearance

November 16, 2015: Completed my medical clearance

February 18, 2016: Visa application completed

February 29, 2016: Pack out survey for storage in in California

March 2, 2016: Pack out of storage unit in California

March 14, 2016: Pack out survey for D.C apartment

March 21, 2015: Pack out date for D.C. apartment

March 23, 2016: Frankfurt bound!

April 11, 2016: UAB arrives

May 6, 2016: HHE arrives

May 9, 2016: Sean’s first work trip

Phew! I am exhausted just typing this.


Sean calling his parents after finding out he got into State. He is looking at the email on his computer screen while he tells them. 












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