Commonly Asked Questions


Taylor Camp; Waterford Maine; Summer 2015; taken by J Tay


Since accepting the Foreign Service position, getting engaged, and preparing to move, we have been asked a lot of questions. We thought it would be helpful to compile a list of answers to common questions:

  1.  How did you meet?
    • After each returning from our Peace Corps service in Kazakhstan and Mali respectively, we both ended up working at The Peace Corps’ Headquarters in Washington, DC. Sean worked for the IT Help Desk and I worked on the quality assurance software testing team. Not being an IT person and trying my hardest to fake it, Sean was the guy to know. After attending many work happy hours together, Sean finally asked me to go with him to the Chinese New Year Parade. Since then we’ve celebrated three Chinese New Years and now and look forward to celebrating our anniversary in all different parts of the world.
  2. Wait, you are getting married in January? This January? Is Hannah…
    • No, no I am not pregnant! No really, I am not! Sean received an offer to serve in the Foreign Service as an Information Management Technical Specialist (IMTS) for The Department of State. Basically, a computer repair guy. In order for me to travel with him, it’s easier if we’re married. Not wanting to start the journey separately, we decided to get married sooner rather than wait. And besides, it doesn’t take that long to plan a wedding, right?
  3. Foreign Service, what is that?
    • Sean: The Department of State is the main government agency responsible for American diplomacy. They promote American interests overseas, implement foreign policy, fight terrorism, and maintain our relationships with other countries with the goal of a freer, more prosperous, and safer world.Here’s a link for more information about the mission of the Department of State
  4. Wait, so Sean will be a diplomat?
    • Helz YA he will!!! And yes, I do call him this on a daily basis. Feel free to do the same.
  5. Where are you going? How long will you be there? Can we visit?
    • Hannah: Well, that’s classified. Sean: A few weeks ago we finally found out that we’ll be posted in Frankfurt, Germany where I’ll be supporting the IT infrastructure for a large region of Embassies. We’re both super, crazy excited! My region will cover Europe, North Africa, Central Asia, and Russia! We’ll be there for two years, then I’ll be assigned to another post where I’ll be supporting a different region. Please come visit!
  6. So, what exactly will Sean do?
    • Sean: But generally speaking, I’ll be supporting the IT infrastructure of the various Embassies, so that basically means anything from computers to phones to servers. I’ll be flown in to an Embassy when things get really bad and help to get them back up and running. I’ll be traveling anywhere from 25% to 60% of the time, and Hannah might come with me!
  7. What will Hannah do?
    • Yes, excellent question, thank you for asking. I am brainstorming ideas for  my Etsy page. As I don’t have one yet I am open to suggestions. Right now I am thinking kitten mittens “Does your cat make too much noise?.. Kitten mittens! By Hannah”. We will have a suggestion box at the wedding so put your thinking caps on… OH, bedazzled thinking caps!! Really the possibilities are endless.
  8. I heard you got married in October, how come you didn’t do the reception and ceremony together?
    • Sean: In order for Hannah to travel with me, we had to be legally married to even start the whole process for the State Department. Medical clearance, passports, visas, and even training classes for her were off-limits until we got married. So, we decided to hold a small ceremony with our parents in October so that we could sign the marriage license. It’s still very important for us to proclaim our love and commitment in front of our friends and family, so this why we decided to have a ceremony and reception at a later date. Think of it as a renewal of vows and a celebration of our October wedding! We are so happy to share this day with you all and feel truly blessed to have so many people with us!




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