Arcadia National Park, Maine, Summer 2015 

Welcome! By now you’ve probably heard that we’re celebrating our marriage on January 16, 2016, and we have quite a few life changes in our very near future!

Ever since we met, we connected on our love of traveling whether it was Mali or Kazakhstan, Ecuador or Thailand. As our relationship grew deeper, we found ourselves talking about building a life together while exploring the far corners of the world, raising children abroad, and sharing our experiences with our loved ones. On a Thursday evening in August after waiting nearly two years to hear back from the State Department, Sean was accepted into the Foreign Service as a Foreign Service Specialist. It was the opportunity of a lifetime!

After initially coping with the excitement by opening several bottles of champagne and placing teary phone calls to our families, we started to realize the realities of our situation. We have to plan a wedding, pack all our things up, and buy Sean ties to wear to work! So much to do!

When we sat down and discussed our wedding plans it quickly became clear that we wanted to have a great big party that featured all the things that we have enjoyed about our time in D.C. Many of the details we have chosen from the cater to the center pieces highlight meaningful aspects of the city. Please spend some time looking through this site and we look forward to seeing you in January!

*Photo: Acadia National Park National, Mount Desert; Maine Summer 2015; Credit: JayTay


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